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The Black Coffee Podcast is where you can find travel related podcast from around the world.

Things you need to know before you go to Las Vegas | The Passenger Podcast | Coffeepuss Black Coffee Podcast

Since I am originally from Las Vegas I get asked a lot " What do I need to know before I go to Las Vegas". Here I will lay out a few tips and thing you should do before you go to Las Vegas. I hope it helps.
  1. Things you need to know before you go to Las Vegas | The Passenger Podcast | Coffeepuss
  2. Behind the scenes of the Baja 500 | Passenger Podcast | Coffeepuss
  3. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico | Passenger Podcast | Coffeepuss
  4. Dublin, Ireland Podcast | Coffeepuss
  5. Yosemite National Park | Coffeepuss
  6. New Orleans, Louisiana | Podcast | Coffeepuss
  7. Drive: Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Podcast | Coffeepuss
  8. Huntington Beach, Ca. | Podcast | Coffeepuss
  9. Moscow, Russia | Podcast
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(Formally the Passenger Podcast) My name is Christopher and I am an Expat living in Mexico. Thru my years I have traveled the world extensively. I have done small trips long trips and trips across the globe. This Podcast will an exploration to places and locations around the world where there are great people, great food and great experiences to be had. We’ve conceived this to be like your a Passenger along for the ride, looking out the window and experiencing this with us. We want Later to be adding others to this Podcast to add there opinions. We will also add Travel Interviews with like minded travelers. We will be doing food reviews, hotel reviews and other travel Related reviews. We are 100% Politically Incorrect yet not hubris we are opinionated, direct and not afraid to to tell you so. On our website we will have photo galleries of our trips along with lots of videos and films and reviews. So, please join us, roll down the window and enjoy the ride.

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